Our skilled machinists and state of the art equipment set us apart.

Noble-X, Inc. offers precision cylindrical turning up to a 14″ diameter and 32″ length. Our Swiss lathes ensure a high level of precision and production paired with a 12’ bar feed capacity.

We offer surface grinding, O.D. grinding and grinding of hardened tool steel.

EDM Sinking
For difficult contours, Noble-X offers Electric Discharge Machine services. We have Wire EDM and Graphite EDM machines. 

Steel Fabrication 
We design, fabricate and install staircases, railings, catwalks, mezzanines and more.

Our welding capabilities range from factory maintenance, as in platforms, crossovers and railings to heavy equipment repairs.

Our milling capability is up to 14 ft.

Noble-X, Inc. can help with your high volume broaching job.

We help customers find a solution for their complicated fixturing projects, including difficult-to-hold parts.

Heat Treating
​We heat treat prototypes and small runs. As a full service CNC machine shop, we partner with local heat treaters for larger jobs to provide finished parts.

We offer full inspection services with a programmable CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) for tolerances of +/- .0002”.

Design & Engineering
Our in-house team of production designers and engineers are here to work with you to take your idea from drawing to a fully functioning product.

Additional Services 
We coordinate other processes, such as high volume heat treating, coating and engraving.

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