From concept to finished part. Noble-X provides precision machined ductile iron castings.


Have an idea for a part but not sure of the best way to get it to production? Let our team of engineers who specialize in castings bring your idea from concept to reality. We combine the latest in design software with our decades of experience to fit the needs of your part.

With the use of our engineering expertise and in-house 3D printing capabilities, Noble-X has the ability to offer fast turnaround on one off prototypes before a full production run.

Project Management
The Noble-X project management team will take your idea from engineered concept to raw casting to finished part. We are your fully integrated supplier of ductile iron parts.

We exclusively partner with a fully ISO certified local foundry that uses their over 100 years of experience in the industry to guarantee a quality and consistent pour for your product line.

Noble-X, Inc. utilizes precision equipment and highly experienced machinists to finish your parts. We work with ductile iron, gray iron, austempered ductile iron (ADI), aluminum and stainless steel castings. View our full list of machining equipment here.

We carefully inspect your parts throughout the entire production process to meet all your required tolerances to within +/- .0002”.


Weldment Conversion to Casting

Do you have a part that could benefit from the simplicity and strength of a casting? Converting a welding (fabrication) to a casting saves time and increases profit. Learn more.


Turn-key Finished Castings

Let Noble-X help design, manufacture and finish your castings. Contact us today for a quote.

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